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Professional photography and videography should apply to your listing marketing. Homebuyers are looking at dozens of real estate properties online. If your thumbnail photo doesn’t draw them in, you could be missing out on clicks, showings, and a fast close.

Studies have shown that professional photography has helped listings sell around 50 times faster than properties listed with poor imagery. So, if you want to sell your home faster, you will want to use professional imagery for your listing online and offline. 
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Our database thoroughly generates as we continue to advertise every listing in a newly and
uniquely creative way. Altough, our database is consistent by developing our leads after meeting
new clients at every open house, after all we have a consistency of hosting at least 6 Open Houses a week.

After meeting and showcasing what we have to offer, this operates a strong database for further
client referrals, especially after showcasing our way of working for you, our buyers.

Today more than 90% of homes that sell are being found online by buyers.

You want your home to get
maximum exposure on every single website there is.

We are able to guarantee your home will be on
every site.


Our objective is to sell your home quickly while netting you the highest possible proceeds. Our marketing strategy involves exposing as many potential buyers to your home as possible.


In December 1986, Sandy and Albert Messer, two native El Pasoans, launched the firm of Sandy Messer & Associates with a total commitment to excellence. They, along with three other agents recognized that there was a need in El Paso for a different kind of Real Estate Company, one that would provide personalized, customer-oriented service and yield superior client satisfaction. The company has grown not only in size since then, but in service as well.

We have a full time Relocation Director to assist new arrivals and make their transition as trouble free and enjoyable as possible. Our membership in several National Relocation Networks and our presence on the Internet ensure our listings get national as well as local exposure and provide accessibility to many potential buyers. We also conduct a Professional Development Program so that our agents stay current with any changes in the industry and are proficient in the latest technology. We believe that this enhances our overall level of service, professionalism and strengthens our commitment to you.

As our service has increased, so have our sales. With the top producing sales associates in El Paso working as a team, we topped over $179 million in sales in 2021. Many of our agents are licensed in both New Mexico and Texas. As you can see, we not only give superior service, we give service that sells.

We have worked long and hard to establish our excellent reputation with the public and within the El Paso and New Mexico real estate community. As a result, whenever our sign goes up on a property, a certain amount of prestige goes up as well. We have the people and the skills to guide you to a successful closing and our commitment to personal and ethical service ensures it will be a pleasant journey. We hope you will let us put our success to work for you! ​
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